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DPS Nashik celebrated its Sixth Annual Day “Ujjaas” on Sunday, the 9 th December 2018 amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. Annual function is the most important event in the school calendar. The event was an enterprise of Grade X students. The chief guest for the event was Mrs. Niharika Nigam, Director, and Business Development – Jumpin Heights. The programme commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp by the Hon’ble Chief Guest, Mrs. Niharika Nigam escorted by the dignitaries and the Principal, Dr. Pushpy Dutt. The Cultural programme was based on the theme ‘“Zodiac – The Belt of Life.” Each zodiac sign is ruled by an element: water, fire, earth, or air. Each element is characterized by different strengths and tendencies.Zodiacs have a strong influence on one’s personality, character and emotion. Each zodiac was represented by famous personality. The Chief Guest Mrs. Niharika Nigam was superlative in her appreciation of the students, teachers and management for a classic programme presented. She stated that she felt highly honored and elated to have visited DPS Nashik. She lauded the vision and the relentless hard work done by students and their mentors for presenting such a message oriented programme. The programme culminated with the National Anthem.
Delhi Public School - Best School In Nashik School can be an integral part of a child’s life. A child goes to school not just to gain knowledge or information but to learn the essential threads of group dynamics, adjustment, developing interpersonal skills to live in a connected world. Schools provide a plethora of platforms through scholastics, co- scholastic activities, values through life skill education, personality development, sportsmanship spirit and team abilities, which help any child to evolve as a responsible individual.
Career Guidance by Mr. Anupam Raghuvanshi Every student is often faced with the question of 'what's next?' in his or her life. To ensure that our students are not caught off guard and are aware of the latest career options, DPS, Nashik conducted a career counselling session for the students of Std. X, XI and XII. This reverberating session was conducted by the renowned counsellor and an IIM Lucknow entity, Mr. Anupam Raghuvanshi. Mr. Anupam enlightened the students with some insightful real-life experiences, stressing on discovering one’s talent, realising abilities and enhancing skills. Being a firm believer of identifying one’s goals and interests, Mr. Anupam introduced the students to seven types of interests which define one’s personality. This was followed by an interactive dialogue session with the students. After clearing a few career-related doubts, Mr. Anupam instilled a feeling of empowerment in the students. The session will surely assist the students to make better and innovative career decisions.