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'26th september 2018'
Janmashtami Spirit at DPS, Nashik The students of DPS, Nashik celebrated Janmashtami on 3rd September 2018. The Principal Dr. Pushpy Dutt also joined the festivities. The assembly area was covered in colourful paper decorations. The students came decked-up in traditional outfits and displayed excellent singing, dancing and drumming performances. They enjoyed hitting the handi and dancing on melodious tunes. The celebration created many memories to be cherished forever.
Informative Workshops help to handle Dyslexia & the onset of Adolescence On 1st September 2018 a workshop on "Introduction to Learning Disability" was conducted for the teachers of Grade I to VI at DPS Nashik. It began with an activity which involved the teachers to write 5 sentences about themselves with the non-preferred hand (i.e. right-handed teachers would write with their left hand and vice-versa). The handwriting was then analysed and discussed to understand the complexities faced by a child with dyslexia. The workshop also included a reading activity which focussed on the problems faced by an LD (Learning Disability) child while reading in a classroom scenario. The teachers were asked to identify such students and take measures to give them complete school support with the help of the School Counsellor. The session worked as an eye opener as it widened the knowledge and awareness of teachers regarding this sensitive subject. Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development in a child’s life. It is a very sensitive period for a child as the child goes through a lot of hormonal and emotional changes. Keeping this in mind, DPS Nashik conducted an informative session on “Dealing with Adolescents" for teachers of Grade VII to XII. 22 teachers attended the session and discussed the problems faced by adolescent students and the techniques to deal with it. Teachers were briefed about the serious impacts of corporal punishment on the academic development of students. Different case references and examples were shown to teachers to better handle the students at this age. The session also focussed on 'No Touch Policy' and addressed the importance of the state of mind of teachers while they are dealing with high school students. #LearningDisability #Dyslexia #LDLearning #InformativeLearning #Adolescence #Teenage #PeerPressure #HormonalChanges #TransitionalStage #NoTouchPolicy #DPSNashik
Breathing New Life in the National Language DPS, Nashik, under the proficient guidance of the Principal Dr. Pushpy Dutt, organised a grand Hindi Diwas celebration on 14th September 2018 which included many exciting activities. For Std. III, a 'Hindi Grammar Quiz' was organised to teach them the basics of our National Language. For Std. V, a 'Slogan Writing' competition was organised, in which the students exhibited their creativity and command over Hindi. A 'Poetry Recitation' competition was conducted for Std. VI students, wherein they recited poetic pieces in perfect rhythm and tempo. Std. VIII students displayed their incredible advertising skills through an 'Advertisement Making' competition. A 'Questionnaire' was conducted for the students of Std. IX and X, in which they participated enthusiastically. All the students were asked to avoid the usage of English words. This wide arena of activities ensured that the students generate respect and pride for the National Language of India.
Inter-DPS National Information Technology Festival ‘IT @ CuttingEdge 2018’ was held at DPS, Noida on 25th August 2018. DPS, Nashik was invited to participate in the same. Exciting competitions like Movie Making, Programming in C++/Python and G.D. Teachers' Training were organised at the festival. In the Movie Making event based on Digital Footprints, DPS, Nashik’s Std. IX and XI students’ team presented their creativity 'Mirage.' Appreciation and applause were showered on the team for their skills in acting and dubbing. It was an honour for the students to be the recipients of the certificate. Another feather was added in the cap when they reached the final round of the Group Discussion Competition. A training session on 'Cyber Security' was also conducted for the teachers and students. DPS, Nashik Family congratulated the students for this grand feat.
Grand Raksha Bandhan Celebration at DPS, Nashik To familiarise the students with the Indian culture and traditions, a special assembly on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan was conducted for the students of Pre-Nursery to Std. II on 30th August 2018. The students gathered in the assembly area and witnessed various presentations by their friends. Principal Ma'am and Headmistress Ma'am also graced the occasion. The students delivered wonderful speeches in English and Hindi on the importance of Raksha Bandhan. Tiny tots dancing on the famous tunes dedicated to the precious relationship between a brother and a sister was a treat to the spectators’ eyes. The celebration helped to inculcate moral values in the young minds. #DPSNashik #FunLearning #Assembly #RakshaBandhan #SchoolActivity #2018
It is not who you attend school with but who controls the school you attend - Nick Giovanni Delhi Public School Nashik is the proud member of The DPS Society, New Delhi, India. We are now accepting the last round of application for the academic year 2018-19. Last day to apply May 12, 2018. #NCERT #CBSE #DPS_Nashik Contact No. : 8888119210 & 8888897210
DPS, Nashik’s Singing Sensations DPS, Nashik’s singing superstars of Junior and Senior Group shined at Group Singing Competition organised at Gem’s School, Nashik on 8th March 2018. The Junior Group secured the 1st position and the Senior Group bagged the Consolation Prize. Some students accompanied the singers with Drums, Guitar and Keyboard.
DPS, Nashik steps up to achieve 'Clean India' The students of DPS, Nashik undertook a campaign 'Swachhta Hi Seva.' The students, in their earnest zeal, made a promise to keep the surroundings of the campus neat and tidy. Cleanliness has become a way of life for DPS, Nashik- not a one day wonder but an ongoing process. The students, under the aegis of a teacher, have also adopted the village ‘Manori’ to organise cleanliness drives and make people aware of the importance of keeping the surroundings clean. They clean the roads to make the residents aware of how even little hands can make a big difference. This definitely motivates the elders to play their role in keeping the surroundings clean. Events like these are a must to inculcate right values in the students and help the country achieve its bigger vision of 'Clean India, ' which is a cherished dream of our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. It will turn into reality if each one of us joins hands for this noble cause. #DPSNashik #CleanIndia #CleanlinessCampaign #SchoolActivity #2018
Ganesh Festivities take Centre-Stage Lord Ganesha arrives every year with a lot of happiness and departs with abundant blessings. At DPS, Nashik, Ganesh Utsav was celebrated with a lot of zeal and zest like every year. The Lord was welcomed in traditional dhol pathak style. Ganesh sthapna on Chaturthi was done by the Director, Mr. Siddharth Rajgarhia and his family. The eco-friendly Ganesha idol was prepared by the school’s Art teachers and students. Each Grade performed the Ganesh Aarti and offered prasad to the Lord of Wisdom on different days. These ceremonies brought the students together for prayers wherein the Principal, Dr. Pushpy Dutt spread the message that everyone should seek blessings from Lord Ganesha to become a better human being. Shri Bhausaheb Gite and his wife- members of Grampanchayat, Manori, were welcomed as guests on 22nd September 2018. Mahaprasad was organised for all the teachers and support staff of the school. Many activities including one-minute games and musical chairs were conducted by Ms. Charul Verma and Ms. Nishita Majithia, which added to the fun and frolic. To bid Ganesha an eco-friendly goodbye, Visarjan was done in the school campus. The students also pledged to protect Mother Earth. This eleven-day-long celebration was indeed a break from the monotonous routine, which refreshed and energised the school students and staff.